How to attract and retain clients using sales automation CRM?

Many companies incorrectly work with client base and therefore lose potential customers at each stage. One ignores work with cumulative contacts, the second — forget to fix all new requests, the third — miss important points in the course of the closure of the deal.

Such processes can be taken under control and to systematize by means of the the following solution. It is a product for business which is necessary for the organization of an internal and external company performance. It helps heads to control the execution of tasks, to the employees — to avoid mistakes in case of their accomplishment and also simplifies the process of customer interaction by means of the built-in CRM.

There is a lot of communication channels: telephony, email, social networks, messengers, online chats and CRM forms. Clients can address on any of them — therefore not to lose any of incoming requisitions, each channel should be connected to CRM. After that in the system, all addresses will begin to be fixed automatically and to be transferred to managers for handling.

The connection of channels to the control system of requests makes work of managers easier. Workers shouldn’t bring anything manually — all addresses are fixed automatically. So it is possible not to worry that some important information will be lost.

It is important that all forms with which users interact were integrated with CRM. Then all actions of visitors to the website are automatically analyzed and fixed in the system — so directly it is visible how the website works and how many it brings clients.

For example, the client comes to the website and fills a callback form. Its request automatically falls in CRM — thus the statistics on addresses from website forms is formed.

It would be convenient if modern CRM gave hints: what to make at a certain stage to progress in the solution of a task when to contact the client when to write it the letter — and so on.

The function of automatic reminders from CRM would save the administration from the need to constantly control employees. Besides, it is convenient from the point of view of an entrance threshold — managers won’t need to be taught work with CRM anymore: they just start to work, following automatic instructions.