Bestmixer is a legit Bitcoin tumbler which eases life

Description: In this article we’ll speak about Bestmixer, which is a great crypto mixing service. We’ll reveal nontrivial details about it so you’ll decide whether it’s usable or not.

Today we invite our readers to think about the anonymity and safety in cryptocurrency earning. Do you know it’s not good to send or receive coins without deleting all history about them? If no you should probably look at Bestmixer as a solution for providing privacy.


Functions which save time and protect money

This service is created to mix your own coins with other users’ currency. One sends chosen currency to the one of three available pools and waits until addresses will be deleted from the process. All these steps are possible because creators don’t open their names and data storage locations, income addresses are randomly generated for every operation and then deleted in 24 hours and also Bestmixer guarantees you won’t get the same coins back. Moreover, it’s not prohibited for usage, it’s an absolutely legit Bitcoin tumbler.

Reasons to rely on Bestmixer

All things which make us believe the developers are open and can be easily found on the website: But we’ll summarize the most important:
– Mixing process is adjustable to the tenths of a percent;
– Three types of pools can be chosen depending on the amount and type of currency;
– If you want to have this mixer on the own website, the API is open and free.

All in all, Bestmixer is at least worth trying. A lot of mentions in press prove it and only add reliability to this service.